Australian Rally Championship Ford Focus Gp N (P) Testing

Submitted by Incrimn8r on Tue, 07/03/2006 - 05:41. Rally.

Australian Rally Championship.
Testing of the New Pirtek Rally Team Ford Focus.
Rear Wheel Drive, 2.3l naturally aspirated.
Looks good and sounds even better!


Submitted by hexa on Sun, 12/03/2006 - 21:37.

Em, rear wheel drive? Ford Focus? I don't think it is, front wheel or 4x4 mybe ;-)

Submitted by Incrimn8r on Fri, 17/03/2006 - 06:22.

Definately REAR wheel drive. To Australian Group N Prototype regulations.

Submitted by Broken_suave (not verified) on Wed, 26/07/2006 - 21:23.

Yes its RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) as the car is still in the developement phase. The plan is to convert to 4WD soon, but for the moment its just rear. They have infact just added a new rear wing to improve the RWD handling around the 110-180km/h range. Nice clip, sounds good in the video, but doesnt do the car justice. Rumours of a supercharged version of the 2.3L engine have yet to be denied.

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